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 Suicide Prevention Month
October 2014

Student safety is our top priority.  This month, we are working to raise awareness about suicide prevention.  Some of the signs of suicide or depression can be "typical teen or child" behavior, but these behaviors might be a sign a student needs help. If a student who usually participates in class and turns work in on time, suddenly stops caring about school performance and withdrawing from social interactions, you may want to check in with a school counselor, school psychologist or medical professional.  We encourage parents to take a few minutes to discuss suicide prevention with students, and remind them of the importance of sharing any safety concerns.  Students are encouraged to share information with their teachers, building principals, counselors or through our other safety channels:                  

                Safe2Tell anonymous tip line for students at
                     1-877-542- SAFE (1-877-542-7233)
                Mindsprings Crisis Hotline - 888-207-4004
                Crisis Text Line – Text CTL to 741-741
                Local law enforcement or 9-1-1
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