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   Welcome to Summit Middle School!
               The Mission of Summit Middle School
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              is to develop caring learners. 
     Our Vision is to create a better world,
              one student at a time.

District Master Plan 

The Board of Education and key leaders in the District have been looking working on a new master plan that addresses short term and long term needs of facilities in the District. 
If you are new to the district, please click here to learn more about new student
 enrollment and online registration. 
Gold and Silver Honor Roll Criteria:
Gold: Advanced (3.5 or 4.0) in all classes with the
allowance of one Proficient (2.5 or 3.0)
Silver:  All grades must be high “Proficient” (3.0) or above in all classes with the allowance of one 2.5

NOTE: Silver honor expectations have increased from 2014-15 School Year   

 For a list of Middle School sports and events please click on the link to the right labeled SMS Events Calendar 

8th Grade Parents  Click Here to get information and sign up to volunteer for the Moving On picnic